Cats Are Carnivores

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Many of us, although we may have had cats as pets for most if not all of our lives, have failed to realize one very important thing about them – the fact that all cats are, by their very nature, born carnivores. Indeed cats are actually obligate carnivores, which essentially means that the nutrition they require to thrive must come from the meat, organs and bones of the bodies of other animals. And because of the cat’s particular anatomical and physiological design, the most ideal and natural way for them to consume that flesh and bone is in its raw state. This really does make very good sense once we stop to think about it. Because what other feline – much less any other carnivore in the world - ever consumes its prey cooked? The answer of course is that in Nature, this simply does not occur. Eating PROCESSED food is not truly natural for cats, and is A Key Causes of Chronic Illness. So is it any wonder that carnivorous companion animals that consume nothing but an unnatural diet of cooked, over-processed canned and kibbled products their entire lives may well suffer some significant health complications as a result? And when such inferior, inappropriate diets are compounded by regular applications of things like toxic pesticides in the form of flea, tick and heartworm medications, combined with the over-administering of vaccines, which often do more harm than good, a picture begins to emerge illustrating some of the key reasons why there is such an explosive epidemic of chronic degenerative disease occurring in today’s domesticated pet population. The Recipe for a Long Healthy Life is A diet of whole, minimally processed, nourishing foods and minimal exposure to toxins, combined with a lack of undue stress, along with plenty of playtime, exercise, and access to fresh air, water and sunshine, topped off with loads and loads of love, is one of the best recipes for ensuring the good health and long lives of our feline friends. The aim of this website is to encourage people to keep this recipe in mind, and to provide them with information on the critical importance of a proper diet of whole raw foods, in combination with a more natural, holistic approach to caring for our cats. Offered here is information and practical tools for transitioning cats to a natural diet of whole raw foods, in the hope that this will help folks make the best, most natural and healthful choices on behalf of their beloved animal companion.

There are many raw food recipes and nutritional supplements for adding to homemade food. I will be sending my recipe along with my kitten prep kit once you have adopted your kitten.

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